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shutting down this journal -

I'm folding this particular account, and going back to "spottylogic." Not for any particular love of that persona (though I still like that name a lot), but because it's a permanent account, Livejournal advertisements SUCK and not in a warm fuzzy way, and I'd rather kill off my old name and get my permanent account back than have an account sitting fallow.

I'll probably massively prune my friends list in the near future.

Anyway, some name-juggling to follow, I'm not rage-quitting, just being pragmatic about resources. The LJ ads were causing me not to post, at least in part. There's also not a lot of time in this mortal world, evar, but these two things were feeding each other.
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This week's successes

I'm having a lot of job-angst right now. Thankfully I'm employed, but everything's very frustrating and crazy-making.


This week, Whines and I reorganized a few big chunks of the house. We moved the china cabinet to the garage, and I got to set up a cute little greeting table--with our new folk art doggie statue, my silly goodwill candy bowl (it looks like a doggie-dish made by a 10-year-old) filled with chocolate, the new surveyor's level and alchemical-looking lamp (both steampunky), and a little basket for keys, on top of a pretty olde-style radio cabinet. Looks intentional and reasonably well-thought-out, if not very thematically unified. Entire front room (which is a huge room) has been reorganized a bit, most of the non-functional stuff pulled out.

Had a nice "meeting" last night with two friends and S, one of my oldest friends, to do some job networky stuff. Not for me, but if it pans out for either of them, then that'll be a happy success :)

I've got some great ideas for this week's D&D session! If I can find three hours to nail down the plot elements, I think they'll go really well. I'm kind of wanting another oversized piece of plexiglass for a second big map though.

Aaand, I've got about 230 job applications out there and have been really good about digging for new opportunities, at least 2-3 per week--that's kind of low if I was actually job-seeking, but I'm employed so that's not bad, I think. Statistically, I really should have about 12 people try to hire me next week :) We'll see!
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Whoof, tired!

Got up at like 7:20, about an hour after I'd planned to. Curse you, snooze button! I'm *still* kind of half-asleep, which is bad because my inbox is crammed with little scutwork jobs, and I need my brain in gear to keep up with them!

Got some good work done last night before and after "strip night," an informal chicken strip dinner with some local furs. I have a china cabinet that doesn't quite serve a useful function, but DOES take up a lot of psychological space in the front room--covers a good wall for art, and really just acts as a level surface to accumulate ... stuff.

So, I braved the 100-degree garage and started shovelling stuff around. With some help from Whines, managed to shove two of the massive storage shelves to an under-utilized corner of the garage, and moved the china cabinet into the garage where it will, surprise, store china. While this will short-term create a massive load of chaos in its wake, since I just took everything off a few shelves and rammed a big piece of furniture into a crowded storage room, I think there'll be a nice cascade of useable space to follow--books can go on the bookshelf instead of plates, getting books off the floor, and some of the "never opened ever" boxes are more accessible now.

Will replace the china cabinet with a little old-style radio cabinet, which'll be just perfect for holding a few specific decorations, and maybe a little bowl for keys. We can keep some of our game-stuff in the cabinet until it's actually usable as a music player. Which probably won't happen this year!

Anyway, that was something that'd been weighing on me in a small way for about six months, glad to get it out of the way!
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Back from San Antonio!

Spent the weekend in San Antonio on a massive thrift shop spree! Lots of good pictures. San Antonio's Texas Thrift Store chain is the most awesomely awesome thrift franchise I've seen in the history of ever! Went to four of their five stores. The two smaller were both strong stores on their own, certainly a place I'd stop if I was already on that side of town. Not great, but solid. Their two BIG stores were...amazing! Bigger than any thrift store I've seen in Austin, with tons of excellent stuff and enough of the crap I'm *really* looking for to keep me entertained. Very cool!

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Fun band--

Found a fun nerdrock band called Kirby Krackle. They've got a good rock feel, with lots of songs with a strong comics/supers theme, kind of a pleasant change. This is *highly* unusual for me--bought both their albums (that's not unusual) and every track is a keeper!

*snickers* On a totally unrelated note, one of my bosses just sent me a note that a given project "looked faboo." I can only hear that word said in Wakko Warner's voice.
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Running out of 4E concepts!

I'm really kind of running low on things I want to play in 4E! It looks like the next batch of new class suggestions is going to be next March, when they unveil the Shadow classes--and I might get my beloved necromancer back, and they'll include the hexblade. Until then, tho, i've only seen like three things I'm vaguely interested in playing.

The "brawler" fighter path seems kind of interesting--it's got some color, and some good chances to scream "Raagh!" and pounce on an enemy. Would be good for a shifter.

Lately, I've been toying with a Runepriest multiclassed with Artificer for a "master of the forge" thang, really concentrating on optimizing for magic item meddling. It might be hard to really make that feel right, but could be interesting.

And there's still the temptation to play a Seeker. They're a dippy class, but I think you could re-skin them, take away the nature and silly trappings and replace them with something arcane/shadow-oriented that would look better in black leather. That's probably the main character I'd want to try out if something should permanently happen to my existing chars, but it's still not very high on my list.

Meh! I think I'm just over-baked on 4th ed.
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Long weekend in review!

Happy Independence day! Lots of stirring patriotism over NPR talking about the ability of one person's vote to change the world. I called them up and asked them if that was true of a liberal vote in Texas. They said no, which was a little depressing, but it's nice being right.

Friday game night, a lot of fun--mostly an RP session as the GM rolled out the metaplot, which was pretty neat and I wasn't expecting it at all. Interesting stuff, lots of deicide.

Saturday--got up really late, 10:00, and was sleepy all day. Bleah. A little thrift-shopping with Whines, semi-random puttering and erranding, then home for cooking and stuff.

I got it in my head to make flavored syrups, the best of which was a coconut syrup and a toasted-almond mint syrup, both quite tasty! I still haven't gotten tired of coconut soda :)

Sunday--church in the morning, generally worthwhile stuff. Lunch, then 4th of July stuff with mom--we went down to the river for fireworks, ended up in a community-sponsored firework-watching area that was RIGHT UNDERNEATH the blast zone. Which was great, except that tons of shrapnel, some of it still emitting sparks, was showering down on us! The screams added an unusual thrill to the event :) A piece of cardboard about as big and heavy as a third of a pencil thwapped me an inch from my eye :) I saved it.

Monday--lunch with Tofu-fox, donated a carload of stuff to goodwill, loaded up a carload more, then dinner with Maru and Faust to celebrate their new job(s)! W00t :)

Home, chatted for a while with Lhexa, then early bed.

In other news, the squash plant is growing a squash :) Will I beat the bugs to it? Probably not!
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1. The Aristocats isn't as good as I remember it, and I remember it being not that good. Sad but true, how childhood disillusions die over the years. It's *not* a bad film. I made a batch of custard a few nights ago and forgot to put any sugar in. I've finished it all, but I'm not really sure why, it wasn't much of a value-add, though the toasted coconut sprinkles helped. This custard is the Aristocats. Except that I LOVE the "sketchy lines" period of Disney classic animation. It's so warm and human, it makes all the later stuff seem cold. I don't know why Pixar seems warm by contrast, it may be they've got a better control over lighting and less alien characters.

2. Went window-shopping last night at a couple of thrift stores. Stopped by a gaming supply shop. They had a new villian lead-pewter miniature named "Castrus Vile." I'm not sure I could respect someone named Castrus. I'd snicker. On a not dissimiler note, saw a T-Shirt at Target that was using some sort of iconic bull as an image, but despite the critter's "I'll gore you, see if I don't" stance, it was as smooth as a Ken doll. I don't know why I'm mentioning it, except that bulls in art are not usually emasculated so, they're the only animal that it's generally acceptable to leave the bits intact, and it struck me as a little odd.

3. Ate at Chinese BBQ with Whines last night, wanted to go out and do...something...before hunkering down in the kitchen to prep for the office potluck. Accidently ordered a large bowl of hot and sour soup. Ate most of it. Then ate dinner, and some of Whines's dinner. I don't know what sin I'm going to specifically go to heck for, but gluttony's on the list. I think apostasy is a higher-ranked sin though, so pass the soup.

4. Potato salad for the potluck. Flavor excellent, this *is* the recipe I made up with my father for, but the texture's a little mushy, I overcooked and overstirred. Awful tasty though!

5. Full day without e-mail at work yesterday after contract expired. Contract renewed thru end of year.

6. Have managed to update Thrifthorror.Com every MWF for the last two weeks, and have articles set up through July 26 already. Did I mention the lack of e-mail? Never let that interfere with productivity.

7. Mom whining at me because I don't want to go (and drag Whines to) my aunt's house for July 4. Holidays should be enjoyed and enjoyable, and I don't particularly see the fun of being at a retiree's house for a day and a half, even if there's off-road racing and boat-riding to be had. I'm not about to have to change my panties over 4-wheelers and other people surfing. Am right on the edge of seriously telling mom to STFU, she ALWAYS whines at holidays and family events. Told her repeatedly: You have your family, I have mine, the overlap doesn't extend more than a generation.

8. Looking forward to D&D after a long frustrating week. May be a bit maniacal about getting the game to start on time. I really need my fix!
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Stuff, nonsense

Did a little light shopping yesterday--stopped by a couple of thrift stores on my way home, just to see what was out there. Found a rather pretty spangled vest, it's kind of a stylized diagonal tigery pattern of yellow and orange, but set with sparkly seed beads and tiny pearls. It's not QUITE the Czech vest I wanted to go with my various icons, but it's acceptably foreign and sparkly for now.

A little snug on me. It's a woman's large, I think. Not un-closeable, but there is a bit too much of me currently to fasten it. *sigh*

Whilest in the thrift shop--which was an unusually squalorous thrift shop--there were kids running rampant. One of them, a little boy, climbed into a Disney Princess roadster--a little VW-styled kiddy plastic car, pale purple, with princesses--and rode all over half the store. Other kids were spinning on racks and stuff. Yeesh!

Also found a book of fashion tips from 1982 about re-using vintage finds from the 70's. May or may not do a week-long book review on that, I'm not sure how copyright would work. It's a bit recent.

Tired a lot recently, I think I've just not been getting to sleep until midnight most nights, which makes it hard to get up. Consistantly getting to work in a half-asleep state. Since I have nothing to do at work--once again, I've had about 30 minutes of job-related activity--I *stay* half-asleep all day. When a supervisor actually calls me, I have to really work to figure out what she's saying.

This is compounded by the fact that she's asking me to do things that her secretary really should be doing--but since nobody is asking me to do anything anyway, I might as well. *sigh* I feel so stupid here! Not "this is beyond me," but "I left my brain at home because I did not need it" stupid. Grr. Still haven't heard back from any job applications in like a month, and I'm doing two or three a week. Oh, well. It feels like things are looking up for a lot of my friends, I hope that's a trend!